3b yoga awake

Question your belief system, the labels you put on yourself, the categories we hang on to for dear life, for tomorrow that can all be gone.

Be aware of the habitual thought patterns that you get stuck in.

Try to understand and feel the body in this moment. Can you bring focus from the tips of your toes to every hair on our head? Is there a part of your body that you cannot feel? If not, why?

Hold on to the action that keeps you focused. Search for the highest form of reality. Don’t get lost in the past. Our perception of what really happened is colored by fear of the future, for that is not reality.

Question everything.

Expecting things to play out the same way causes an imbalance.

Breathe awareness is medicine for the brain, movement is medicine for the body. Don’t live your life asleep and unaware of the now.


Feel your body, your emotions, explore your thoughts."

-Nicole Snow