• What class type or level is appropriate for me?

3B offers many classes in various levels. Our teachers focus on making the classes accessible yet challenging for all participants. If you are brand new to yoga, you may like a slower paced class like B-gentle, a class with more instruction like B1, or one on one attention in our Mysore program. Please call the knowledgeable front desk staff to help pick a class that is just right for you.

  • Yoga Studio Etiquette...

We kindly ask that you remove your shoes before entering any of the practice spaces. Please abstain from using strong perfumes or oils as this can disturb others in the classroom. It is customary to shower or clean up a bit before attending a class. Try to arrive early so the teacher can prepare the room accordingly. However, arriving late is acceptable. It is important to communicate to the instructor any limitations or injuries you may have at the time. Cell phones are very disruptive. If you need to bring a phone into class because of an emergency, please put the phone on silent and step well away from the practice space if you need to receive or make a call. Please refrain from making conversation during class. If arriving late, please be courteous of those already in class by quietly rolling out your mat. If leaving early, let the instructor know before class starts.

  • You do not need to sign up ahead of time to attend a class. 

If it is your first time to the studio or you need to purchase classes please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out the appropriate paper work.  Feel free to drop in whenever you are ready.

  • How should I prepare for class and what should I bring?

It is best to practice yoga on an empty stomach. 2-3 hours before is customary. Wear clean, comfortable and breathable clothing that does not restrict movement. Bare feet are strongly encouraged due to socks making the mat slippery. Gather props to enhance your practice. If you sweat a lot, a small towel is nice to have.

  • What does 3b provide?

A yoga mat, if needed. Yoga mat cleaner. Blankets, bolsters, straps, multiple sized blocks and pads. Drinking fountain. Several changing rooms.