February Intentions


We are so excited to share tips on how to set intentions to help enhance our wellbeing for the month of February. Included in this post is a custom Calendar you can print out weekly and fill out with your intentions.

Our intention as a studio is to attend 4 classes a week, to help us experience the benefits of a regular yoga and meditation practice. We have partnered up with some amazing local business for a little extra incentive… a raffle at the end of the month! More information about our “Studio Intentions” and how to participate, at the bottom.

Setting Intentions

First, Reflect
Find a quite space were you can write down your intentions. This is easier said then done for most, so if a quite space and time is in the few minutes of the morning before the family wakes up, or at night before you go to bed. Maybe its in the car after dropping kids off at school. Any place works. Grab a pen and print out our calendar for the week.

Second, Envision
Envision how you want to feel. Why are you wanting to set intentions in the first place? Is there something that you want to improve in your life? Or is there something you want to feel more of in your life? Jot down some descriptive words on your piece of paper.

Third, Plan
Now I want you to start to plan out your week. I tend to always set my intentions high which means I’m excited about them but they are always so difficult to keep, which in the long run creates negative feeling. Our goal here is to create change and most of the time we need to take small steps to implement everyday.

3byoga intentions

Here is an example of what my calendar looks like…

for a printable PDF version of our calendar,

click here!

Fourth, Daily Check-In
Now place the calendar in a spot where you will see it everyday during your normal routine. Bathroom mirror, bedside table, on your fridge, or in your car. Everyday shave out a few seconds in the morning to reread the descriptive words you wrote down on why you set intentions in the first place. Review your intention for the day and allow yourself to manipulate your schedule to do so.

*Tip: I also love allowing my support system in on my intentions. If you live with your support system, don’t be afraid to put this up where they can read it. If you don’t, feel free to text a photo to someone who can keep you accountable.

Fifth, Action
Enjoy the process! There is no such thing as perfection, and our days sometimes never go the way we planned, that’s OKAY. If you realize after 3 days that your intention is unattainable, allow yourself to change it. The purpose is not to create more stress in your life with setting these intentions.


Each week if you attend 4 classes at 3B Yoga, you will receive a raffle ticket to be entered to win various prizes at the end of the month. If you are able to come 16 times in the month of February, you also get two bonus raffle tickets! Begins February 4th- March 2nd.

~Nicole Snow