Ease your headache tension with 2 simple poses

These poses are not about feeling any deep sensations or stretches. The props are used to support the body to release tension and restore the nervous system. 

What you will need:
2 yoga blocks or hardcover books  (yoga blocks can be purchased
Eye pillow or a light weight towel/scarf 
Comfy clothes
Choose a quiet warm place to practice

Supported Head Forward Fold.

Stay in Pose for 2-3 Minutes

Stay in Pose for 2-3 Minutes

Stack the blocks around 12 inches from your feet. If you tend to be tighter in your low back and backs of legs, change the height of the blocks. Place your feet hip width apart or wider if back of legs are tight. Notice the fold is from the hips. Press down through feet, lengthen up and slowly fold forward. Place your hairline on block. Head should feel supported not weighted.

Take one of the arm positions. Preferably the most relaxing. You may close the eyes.

Supported Reclined Upper Body 

Stay in pose for 5-10 minutes

Stay in pose for 5-10 minutes

Place one block horizontally on its lowest height. About 6-10 inches away, place the second block horizontally on its middle height. Recline onto the blocks and adjust the lowest height block directly underneath the shoulder blades, place the head on the second block and let the arms open to a T between the 2 blocks. Remember there should be gap between the blocks. Cover the eyes and relax. 

You may want to place a blanket over the blocks if they are to hard for you to relax on. A blanket can also be rolled and placed under the knees.

Now all that’s left is to relax.


yoga blocks.jpg